New laptops should never stop working properly. Clearly, there is something amiss if your new laptop is not working as it should. Slow load times, inability to load tabs and pages, and blank screens only occur when there is something wrong with the virus software or something internally wrong with the device itself. Since you purchased a new laptop (and more than likely installed anti-virus software), absolutely none of that should be happening. Here is what you can do next to fix the problem. 

Test Some of the Other Features (If You Can)

If the laptop has a CD/DVD drive, open it and insert a disc. Close the drive and see if it plays. Test some of the other features on the laptop to see if they are working. If nothing works, or if you can only get limited results, jot down on paper what seems to work and what does not. Of course, this DIY test for malfunction only works if you are not already getting a constant blank screen that refuses to transition into any other screen on the laptop. If you cannot perform any tests at all because of a blank screen, call the manufacturer. 

Call the Manufacturer

Call the manufacturer. A new laptop is still under warranty, usually for the first year. If there is something truly mechanically wrong with the laptop, the manufacturer will cover the cost to fix it and/or replace it. At the very least, they will tell you where to take it to be repaired. At the most, there will be a technician on the other end of the line who will talk you through the process of checking everything that could be wrong with the device to rule out anything that might be affecting the operation of the machine. 

Talk to the Seller

If you did not buy the laptop directly from the manufacturer's website and instead bought it from a store, take the laptop back to the store and show a sales associate what the laptop is doing (or is not doing!). Many of their sales associates in the tech department know their way around computers and can help narrow down the problem. If they cannot figure it out, they may offer to replace your laptop free of charge. They may also have highly trained laptop repair experts on hand and in the store who can fix the laptop for you and give you a call when it is ready.