If you run a home healthcare provider agency, your entire job is to take care of your patients and meet their needs. That means you really can't let a single call go unanswered, which is why as a home healthcare provider, you should hire a 24-hour answering service.

After-Hours Call Management

You may provide care for your clients around the clock, but that doesn't mean that your office is opened around the clock. You and your staff need rest, which is where having a 24-hour answering service on standby comes in handy.

The answering service can step up and answer the phones when your office is closed or during days you are closed, such as Sundays. That way, someone is always there to address your patient's needs, even when your office is closed.

Assistance With Managing Calls

An answering service will not only answer your calls for you, but they will also screen your calls to determine if a patient can wait for a call-back that evening or if a patient needs help right now.

You can train the answering service on how to determine if a patient needs to be connected with the on-call care provider or if the patient needs emergency services.

An answering service will make sure that whoever is on-call during off-hours only has to respond to calls that actually need their attention.

An answering service can make sure that if someone calls in about a medical emergency in progress, their phone call will be directed towards emergency personnel in their area who can assist them. The answering service will stay on the call, and help your patients stay calm until help arrives.

Medication Reminders

You can use your answering service for more than just answering calls. You can use your answering service to make calls for your business as well.

You can have them make reminder calls and texts to clients, letting them know when their in-home care provider will be arriving. You can also have your answering service provide reminder text and calls to patients to take their medication.

Your answering service can help take care of the routine calls that you need to make to your patients every day that don't require a professional to make the calls. This can really help free up your time and allow you to focus your energy on other important administrative and healthcare tasks.

As a home healthcare provider, working with a 24-hour answering service will allow you to ensure that your patient's needs are always met and that your patients are never left to feel uncared for or unsure what to do during a medical emergency. Contact an answering service to learn more about what they can do for you.